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Citrix Admin? John Smith's Blog Can Make Your Life Easier

John Smith and Mike Nelson talk about the Packet Games at Briforum 2015

John Smith (right) and Mike Nelson gave a talk on The Packet Games together at Briforum 2015 in Denver. (photo from Steve Greenberg).

At ExtraHop, we're always trying to figure out ways to help Citrix administrators get better visibility into their environments, and get past the "blame game" that too often results in Citrix admins catching heat for performance issues in other parts of the IT infrastructure.

ExtraHop's own engineer, John Smith, is one of just 50 designated Citrix Technology Professionals in the world, and he puts a lot of time into helping Citrix admins find new ways to make their infrastructure easier to monitor and manage. You can find John regularly blogging on the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) page and, spreading the word about how wire data analytics can allow Citrix admins to take back their days and stop troubleshooting problems that originate in a completely different part of the organization.

John's latest post on CUGC proposes a new framework, called Packet Analysis Critical Control Points (PACCP), for quickly identifying the source of issues in Citrix and Citrix-adjacent environments, and making sure the right people are working on them.

Here's an excerpt from the post:

"We have all spent a great deal of our time doing someone else's job by virtue of having applications published on our XenApp and XenDesktop environments. The time has come for a new methodology for identifying Critical Control Points (CCPs) within the applications we are supporting ... PACCP positions us to be proactive and at least have an understanding of the anatomy of the applications we are supporting which should keep the time we spend outside the Citrix environment to a minimum."

Check out the entire post here and keep an eye on that space (and this one) for more smart tips for Citrix admins. Want to learn more about how wire data analytics can make your life easier? Download our Citrix Monitoring & Troubleshooting guide to see real-world examples of how to pinpoint the source of performance problems in your Citrix environment.

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