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Seahawks Get a Geeky Salute with ExtraHop's "Binary 12th Man"

A couple weeks ago, Seattle's geek reputation was on the line. The Seahawks were up against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, a game some had dubbed the "Nerd Bowl" because Seattle and San Francisco compete as technology hubs. The Hawks triumphed and Seattle went wild. Just a few days ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII, THE CITY. IS. ELECTRIC.

Apart from a few folks in our Denver office, ExtraHop is rooting for the Seahawks, and in our very own, very geeky style. Our 17th floor offices at 520 Pike Street are illuminated at night with 00001100, a binary tribute to the Seahawks' increasingly famous12th man—our rabid fan base. And, this week we sent 500 "Binary 12th Man" t-shirts to similarly geeky friends throughout the city. Check out the photos and tweets below.

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