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How to Accelerate Cloud Migration with In-Depth AWS Monitoring

ExtraHop helps IT organizations optimize their AWS deployments.

ExtraHop helps IT organizations optimize their AWS deployments.

According to recent research from Gartner, the public cloud market—including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack-based public cloud providers—is expected to grow 18.5 percent, to $131 billion, by 2017. At that time, Gartner expects that nearly half of all large enterprises will employ a hybrid cloud approach.

For business stakeholders, the hybrid cloud model offers a host of compelling efficiencies. Migrating applications to a public cloud like AWS can decrease time to market and yield considerable cost savings over on-premises deployments. For IT teams, however, the hybrid cloud is still a daunting proposition. Once applications are migrated into a public cloud like AWS, visibility into the performance, availability, and security of those applications is limited, making it difficult to determine whether the move to the public cloud is actually delivering the promised efficiencies.

Wire Data Delivers Deep Visibility into AWS

Next week at AWS re:Invent, ExtraHop (booth #805) will be offering live demos of the new ExtraHop for AWS solution, the first and only AWS monitoring solution that gives IT teams the real-time, transaction-level visibility they need to optimize AWS workloads.

Jim Frey, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates, understands the value this degree of insight can offer enterprise IT: "The business and agility benefits of public cloud services such as AWS are a definite positive, but the loss of operational visibility is not, resulting in a significant barrier to adoption. Past attempts to solve this have force-fit traditional monitoring tools into virtual packages, with little or no attention paid to the unique attributes of AWS environments and services. ExtraHop for AWS is the first solution that restores rich performance visibility inside the cloud while also delivering actionable insights into how workloads are performing on AWS, specifically. This mitigates the visibility barrier, and opens the door to new possibilities for optimization, automation, and cost control."

ExtraHop for AWS

The ExtraHop for AWS solution enables IT organizations to accelerate public cloud adoption by identifying applications for migration and then optimizing their performance, availability, and security. ExtraHop delivers unparalleled monitoring across all AWS services, including EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, Elasticache, and others. By extending the power of ExtraHop's wire data analytics platform to span on-premises and cloud environments in a single management pane, the new solution enables IT teams to:
  • Predictably monitor AWS workload performance
  • Understand the performance differences between AWS regions and zones
  • Accurately monitor efficiency and performance-based SLAs
  • Improve security with pervasive, contextual monitoring
  • Identify applications for migration and architect them for optimal performance post-migration
ExtraHop won Best of Interop 2013 in the Cloud Computing and Virtualization category back in May while our AWS monitoring solution was still in beta. Read more about the ExtraHop for AWS solution.

If you'll be attending AWS re:Invent next week and are interested in a demo of the joint solution, please visit us at booth #805, or email to arrange a meeting.

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