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2011 – A Banner Year for ExtraHop

With the holiday decorations packed away and a new year upon us, we can't help but reflect on 2011. At ExtraHop, we had a fantastic year filled with many milestones as we continued to revolutionize the application performance management (APM) market.

Most companies are lucky to roll out two or three new products or updates in a year, especially in recent years when budget concerns have limited resources for many organizations. However, ExtraHop launched seven significant product enhancements in 2011:

The AIT technology was considered so innovative that it was awarded 2011 Innovation of the Year by Seattle Business Magazine, with analyst Hyoun Park from Aberdeen and others commending the AIT technology.

Take a look at the following list, which describes the 2011 ExtraHop product enhancements, all designed with the same leading standards that our customers, partners, and industry peers have come to expect:

  • IBM DB2 Database Support – Launched in March, the addition of IBM DB2 transaction analysis means that ExtraHop supports all seven major enterprise databases, including Oracle, Sybase, and Informix, with the ability to monitor database transactions in real time without having to run invasive tools such as SQL profilers and agents.
  • Version 3.5 with Application Inspection Triggers – Launched in May, this innovative technology brings an unprecedented level of customization for real-time network and application management, empowering IT personnel for the first time to customize performance monitoring of business-critical applications without the overhead and deployment headaches of agent-based technologies.
  • SSL Decryption – Launched in June, support was added for real-time decryption and analysis of 2048-bit secure sockets layer (SSL)-encrypted application data, enabling organizations to decrypt and analyze SSL traffic for common cipher suites at the scale and speed required by today's enterprise networks.
  • Memcache Module – Launched in June, this first-of-its-kind technology monitors and analyzes objects stored in memcached and provides visibility through real-time, trend-based historical monitoring for memcached traffic.
  • AMF Module – Launched in June, this new module delivers insight into Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) built on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex data services to supply superior visibility and analysis at the application level for client-facing and web-services traffic.
  • EH1000v – Launched in July, the EH1000v was released as the industry's fastest virtual appliance for application performance management. Providing real-time transaction analysis at up to 1Gbps speeds for applications running in a virtual/cloud environment, the EH1000v delivers a small-footprint solution, ideal for branch-office locations, and is more than 10 times faster than the competition.
  • Oracle Database Support – Launched in September, the support for Oracle databases opens up a cost-effective and easy-to-implement option for troubleshooting and proactively managing Oracle-dependent applications.
On top of creating innovative award-winning solutions, ExtraHop secured $14M in Series B financing and was invited to speak at AFCOM's annual Data Center World Conference. The past year also saw ExtraHop nearly double its employee headcount and forge new technology and business partnerships.

With these achievements and many more, 2011 was clearly a banner year for ExtraHop. To all our customers, partners, and friends, we look forward to another successful year in 2012!

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