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ExtraHop Introduces Performance Monitoring for Memcached and AMF

Real-time insight into web-services application performance is still an elusive holy grail for Web Operations teams. Fortunately for these groups, ExtraHop is helping them to get a lot closer.

Today, we announced two new modules for memcached and AMF that bring significant improvements to application-performance visibility for Web Operations teams and raise the bar for application performance management (APM) in general. While monitoring applications across the web tier always has been a core component of the ExtraHop system's capabilities, these new modules extend that support further on both the front and back ends of the tier.

We've already received some great feedback from customers using the ExtraHop Memcache module. Our customer Drew Garner, Director of Architecture Services at Concur, describes the new module as "vital in helping to migrate critical applications to memcached, providing the visibility needed to continue to monitor and assure their performance."

He continues with a great example of the advantages of using the new ExtraHop Memcache Module: "For instance, we recently wanted to determine if a specific application was a good candidate for memcached and, using ExtraHop's existing Database Module, were able to see that it gets called around one million times a day, but the response time was less than optimal. Now, with ExtraHop's Memcache Module, we can both see significant response-time improvements and continue to have confidence in the performance of everything residing in the cache—a truly invaluable addition to our monitoring capabilities."

Here are some highlights of each of the products:

ExtraHop Memcache Module (an industry first!)

  • Monitors and analyzes objects stored in memcached, an open-source, distributed, in-memory object cache that allows for faster access to data and is used by popular websites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Wikipedia
  • Provides visibility through real-time, trend-based historical monitoring for memcached traffic, (an achievement not possible with any existing solution), including critical transaction details, timing, and error information
  • Helps dynamic, database-driven websites take advantage of memcached without compromising visibility into application performance
ExtraHop Action Message Format (AMF) Module
  • Delivers insight into Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) built on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex data services
  • Monitors traffic to/from such applications to extract specific fields for requested metrics, responses or errors, and retrieved objects
  • Achieves superior visibility and analysis at the application level for client-facing and web-services traffic
If you're interested in learning more about the two modules, take a look at the press release we issued today or contact j.baker [at]
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