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What Matters Most in 2010

With New Year come new resolutions, and an opportunity to take stock, examine your organization's needs and explore new solutions.

Network World came out with an article called the "5 must-have IT Management technologies for 2010" that looks at some new solution categories that will help manage the ever increasing complexity in IT. Topping the list, coming at number one is IT Service Assurance, which Network World describes as getting "visibility into network traffic flows as well as application performance across multiple components supporting IT services. From advanced discovery technology to traffic flow analysis to transaction monitoring, IT departments need to see the entire path of a service -- even as it exits in the corporate network and travels through external cloud environments".

That is exactly how we describe what ExtraHop does, only difference is we call it Application Delivery Assurance. As Evelyn Hubbert, senior analyst with Forrester Research puts it. IT has a need to "see how traffic flows across the network, systems, applications and databases, which all are participating in the services. IT organizations realize they need to manage the services rather than the infrastructure."

The other 4 key technologies are: Virtual systems management, IT service catalog, IT process automation and IT resource planning. Full article can be found here.

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