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ExtraHop Presenting at Morgan Stanley's CTO Summit


We're excited to announce that on June 17th, Jesse and Raja will be presenting at Morgan Stanley's 10th Annual CTO Summit in Palo Alto. Hundreds of companies were nominated to participate in the two-day event, and ExtraHop was one of very few to get the nod.

The event will feature a series of seminars on trends in the technology market, including a keynote from David Reilly, Managing Director and Global CIO of Enterprise Infrastructure for Morgan Stanley. Senior members of the Morgan Stanley Technology Staff will hold in-depth seminars to provide customer perspective on pertinent IT topics. In addition, Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking team will present a seminar on the M&A and IPO markets.

The Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) group at Morgan Stanley manages over $1.3 billion in technology infrastructure spending, with over 3,200 resources serving all of Morgan Stanley around the globe. This group clearly understands complexity.

Good luck, guys! Make us proud.

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