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VMware Losing Its Grip on the Market?

Came across an interesting survey today on the state of the virtualization market. For the longest time, VMware has enjoy an ironclad lock in this space. That might be changing, according to a survey by a market research firm called TheInfoPro.

Full article here, I pulled out a few factoids that were worth highlighting:

  • 75% of the market use VMware today

  • 47% of these are more or less seriously looking at alternatives

  • The future may be a more hybrid scenario: Tier 1 apps stay on VMware, others run on HyperV as it's considered "good enough"

  • Possible inflection point fore more HyperV adoption - Windows Server 2008 R2 server refresh, which has it baked in

As usual, what's not mentioned in the article is the rising management cost associated with virtualization. It makes sense for companies to bring in multiple solutions for cost reasons, but now with a mixed VM environment, how do they plan to manage it? Unfortunately that's too often an afterthought.

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