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Transatlantic Latency On Your LAN

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of data we gather at any given moment. And most of the time, so are the customers.

picture-9Case in point, we have this nifty chart that shows Round Trip Time (RTT) for all TCP connections, and you can sort them by clicking on the column heading. I remember at one customer site, during the Show-N-Tell, we pulled up this diagram and showed 3 clear bands of latency. Jesse said "Let me guess, this is North America" - customer nods "New Jersey data center"; pointing to the next group, Jesse goes "Trans-Atlantic?" - another nod "Amsterdam"; "Asia?" - "Singapore". The customer thought it was uncanny, I just thought it was fascinating.

2 weeks later, our Sales VP Tom attempts the same trick. We pull up another RTT chart at a different customer site, and Tom points to a band with 500+ms latency and volunteers this gem "Let me guess, trans-atlantic traffic?" Customer sighs, "No, that's our LAN, our network is just messed up." Oops.

Moral of the story? If you have Trans-atlantic latency on your LAN, it might be time to look into investing in an ExtraHop box.

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