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Survey Says: No Business Case for IPv6, We'll Use NATs instead

familyfeud1"We surveyed 100 people, and the top answers are on the board." Ok, so the Internet Society (ISOC) didn't really say that, but they did survey their members regarding IPv6 and found that "specific business-case drivers did not yet exist" for IPv6. But what if you run out of address spaces? Aren't you worried about that? (An event that's widely projected to happen in 2012.) Well that's ok, we'll just use NATs more! (Great, leading to other possible management challenges.)

First of all, the survey methdology doesn't seem particularly scientific here, 22 respondents doesn't make a great sample size. But I guess what we can take away from this story is that businesses generally don't plan beyond the 2 year horizon, and we can expect a mad rush of sorts when it's down to the wire. Yeah, kinda like Y2k. :) Prediction, lots of money to be made by consultants deploying IPv6 in 2012.

More details on these survey results can be found in the NetworkWorld article.

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