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No, We Run at 10 Gb

We were sitting around the video conferencing table for a company all-hands meeting. Raja recounted a story of a recent customer meeting, arranged by a channel partner, it had to be really short to squeeze into this prospect's schedule. 10 minutes into his allotted 15 minutes, the prospect interrupts, "I get it, you're like so-and-so, runs at about 200 Mb, right?" "No, we run at 10 Gb." Raja responds. The guy just stops, does a double take, and the tone of the meeting changes completely.

We certainly don't blame IT gurus out there who are so jaded by all the vendor claims they've heard over the years. We had another recent customer that was testing a network management tool from a competing company, whose 4 Gb solution couldn't even handle a gig of sustained traffic. But what we're doing is really a different kind of network and application management.

Recent gains in processing power and storage capacity have altered the assumptions on which the previous generation of network and application management products were built. The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system is a huge leap forward in network traffic analysis. We take an extremely aggressive approach to analyzing traffic across multiple tiers (networks, applications, databases, and storage arrays), processing tens of thousands of transactions simultaneously and in real time, scaling to the speed of some of the world's largest networks. It's the kind of visibility that you didn't think was possible, at speed that you thought weren't available,  and really wasn't possible just 2 years ago. But now is embraced by each and every one of our customers, welcome to a brave new world. Cheesy, but this reminds me of the new Coke Zero tagline "the impossible made possible", yeah, that's us. :D

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