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Packet Sniffers on Steroids? Why Would I Want That?

picture-110ExtraHop had a great customer advisory board meeting yesterday, this is a semiannual event where we bring together representatives from key customers to share our roadmap, so they can provide feedback to help us better serve their network and application management needs in the future. We had a great discussion, there was a lot of interest in the upcoming release. All in all, a very successful event.

But my favorite moment for this event occured during the "after-party", when we took customers to dinner. One of our customers had a recent run-in with a NetScout sales rep, who tried to pitch him on the NetScout products, touting them as "Packet Sniffer on Steroids". Here comes the best line of the night:

"Packet Sniffer on Steroids? I already hate dealing with the stuff, why would I want it on steroids?" Bingo, packet sniffers really belong in the outdated class of tools that we call "Microscope Tools" and don't adequately meet today's application management needs. They are painfully cumbersome to use, zooming with too much detail, yet do not give you the full picture. It's time for new solutions.

This same customer also mentioned that the NetScout demo made him appreciate the simplicity of the ExtraHop user interface more, as the latter features straight-forward application-centric metrics that do not require a network genius to interpret.

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