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Network World's Top 10 IT Management Start-ups to Watch

Right on the heels of our end-of-year press release, where we shared our success in unheralded product innovation, triple digit sales growth, strategic funding and sales expansions, we found out ExtraHop was selected by Network World as one of the Top 10 IT Management Start-Ups to Watch for 2009. This is a great honor, and a huge feather in our cap. Not only is Network World an important and respected publication for all things network, it's also the one source most of our customers rely upon for the latest technology news.

This recognition validates ExtraHop's position, as an emerging leader that's taking network and application management in a new direction, one that's better suited for managing all the complexities of today's world.

Just a few things that I'd like to emphasize/add about this exciting news:

  1. As usual, Jim Frey from EMA provided an insightful quote that captures a lot of the value that ExtraHop provides: "ExtraHop takes advantage of the network data and does rich, deep application packet analysis, which is definitely a step up from the traditional probe technology and it also addresses application team needs," EMA's Frey says. "This technology takes the capabilities of two tools and pulls them into one that can work for multiple groups in an organization."

  2. I feel like we can't say this enough, we are very very proud of the stellar list of customers we have accumulated in this first year of selling, the article cites "ExtraHop lists Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, Microsoft, McAfee, Applied Discovery, Motricity, Nintendo and WhitePages among its customers." I'd like to add, "and a lot more". Yes I'm tooting our own horn here, but customers have consistently told us that they love ExtraHop because we're knowledgeable and responsive, and the product actually does exactly what we say it would.

  3. It was a great write up by Denise and we loved seeing her take. But I can't resist sharing our perspective on why ExtraHop belongs on this list: With the weight of the enterprise resting on IT, complexity is spiraling out of control. IT manages an increasing number of geographically distributed applications and infrastructure with so many moving parts that something nearly always is broken. New technology, like ExtraHop's agentless real-time transaction analysis, is required to keep pace with future demands. With some customers calling the ExtraHop system the "coolest technology" they have seen in 15 years, ExtraHop is aiming to shake up the world of network and application management.

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