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Fix Application Problems 200% Faster Than Your Competition

When it comes to network and application management, the performance gap between average and best-in-class companies is staggering. How well does your company perform, and what best practices can you adopt from leaders in IT?

According to the latest Aberdeen Report: Best-in-class companies are twice as likely to resolve application and network issues before impacting users than all other companies.

Here at ExtraHop, we have seen our innovative new Application Delivery Assurance system delivers best-in-class results for leading IT organizations across a broad range of industries. As a report sponsor, we are pleased to offer a complimentary copy of the new Aberdeen Group report, "Benchmarking Network and Application Visibility: Reduce Downtime to Keep the Enterprise Running."

Read this report to learn about the process, organization, and technology enablers used by best-in-class companies and discover how the success of these companies can serve as your roadmap to improved application performance and better service reliability.

This offer (a $399 value) expires 10/30/2009. But why wait? :)

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