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ExtraHop: Like Google Earth for Your Network

earth-lightExtraHop got some hometown coverage in the Seattle Times today. In an article titled: Like Google Maps for Your Network (yes, I realize this is slightly different from my title, but personally I think Google Earth is more true to what we do), Charles Bermant profiled our fearless leader and how ExtraHop help make IT infrastructure faster and more reliable.

As much as I know the ExtraHop story well, it always surprises me what grabs a reporter's attention in an interview. In this case, it's a little blurb about geek speak: "Technology has become part of modern life, but Rothstein says not everyone speaks geek. 'Talking about what I do doesn't make the best cocktail-party conversation,' he said. 'But people understand the things we do help to keep the Internet running.'" What? I for one, think geek speak is sexy and perfect for a cocktail party, :)

In other news, a F5 byline article in a UK publication talks about why 2/3 of all app deployments fail. At first glance, I thought the number seemed shockingly high. Upon further reflection, I can see how that stat does represent the real world, both in the UK and here in the states. The punchline? App deployments fail because the developers "don't foresee how applications are going to be used in the real world". I'd also like to add that it's because app and network performance management has gotten harder, not easier, yet people are still using 10+ year old technology to manage it all. So here's another shameless plug for our upcoming 30 minute webinar - The 7 Deadly Sins of Network Management.

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