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It's been clear for decades that logs are flawed when it comes to security. Even the cyberpunks in Cryptonomicon knew it.

The network is more than a transport layer. It's a source of superpowers for IT folks and businesses. See how.

When a tiny change on your network can cause a chain reaction that takes down your company's ability to sell product, you need better visibility. Where do you get it?

Lots of platforms do NetFlow. Few get it right. This report from 451 Research helps you learn to tell the difference before buying a solution.

How much does a mouse click or keystroke cost your business? ExtraHop is revolutionizing how IT professionals gain access to the insights they need to deliver the best outcomes for their customers and users.

Everything about our lives relies on networking technology. You don't have to understand it, or even know about it, for wire data to benefit you.

Detect attacks using a MySQL zero-day that can give attackers elevated access and control of your database servers.

Pit your ExtraHop customization skills against the best and brightest users in the community. Submit a bundle for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

The network is an engine of growth for companies and a source of career differentiation for engineers and admins.

The longstanding myth that Apple products are less vulnerable to malware is wrong. Don't fall for it.

Learn about new features and capabilities in ExtraHop 6.0, including the revolutionary Trace workflow that gets you from problem to packets in five clicks or less.

The next IT revolution is happening at the layer that makes the Netflixes and Amazons of the world possible in the first place: your network.