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How one children's hospital CIO gets a reliable snapshot of his entire IT environment from a single monitoring platform.

Cybercriminals upped their game, so we're upping ours (and yours.) Learn how to detect and stop ransomware automatically.

This week at Cisco Live 2016, the network has been the hot topic... Yes, the network. Over the past few decades, the network has been dismissed as the legacy plumbing that is running underneath…

Few things get blamed for 'computer troubles' as often as the network does, making it the obvious next step in our #StopITShaming Campaign. If you're not familiar, we kicked off the campaign at Citrix…

Survey results from 113 IT directors and professionals on how they use Big Data, and whether the value lives up to the hype.

Imagine you're in the mood for a tall, cold glass of water. (Bear with me.) You turn on the faucet, and a strong flow rushes out. You raise your cup to your lips, but you have to wonder: is the water…

How to monitor an enterprise VoIP deployment in real time with wire data and stream analytics.

How an hour of tinkering gave us better business intelligence with ExtraHop.

How ExtraHop helped Veterans Affairs keep paying people on time after a software failure had them manually entering paycards every Friday.

BrightTalk sought out ExtraHop co-founder Raja Mukerji for an interview at Infosecurity Europe 2016 last week, and they covered a lot of ground.

Learn the basics of the DICOM protocol and how it is used.

The DoD needed an innovative approach to address chronic issues in their Electronic Health Records systems. ExtraHop got the call.