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Eliminate blind spots and cut through the noise with real-time analytics and machine learning that deliver unprecedented visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers.


3- Year ROI


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Reduction in
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Global marketing intelligence firm IDC surveyed ExtraHop customers,
and the results are astounding.

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The ExtraHop Difference

ExtraHop is built to meet the dynamic needs and scale of the modern hybrid enterprise, from Core to Edge to Cloud. Our platform transforms the network into the most comprehensive, objective source of security and IT visibility while providing the rich data set - wire data - that keeps our machine learning focused, precise, and uniquely reliable.

Unprecedented Visibility

Real-time analytics auto discover and classify every asset in your enterprise, map all connections and dependencies, and monitor the traffic flow at up to 100 Gbps (including SSL or PFS encrypted sessions).

Definitive Insights

Advanced machine learning uses strong detectors based on dimensionality reduction and outlier detection to identify anomalies, correlating that data with critical assets to surface the most immediate threats.

Immediate Answers

A simple investigation workflow establishes unequivocal root cause in seconds, not days, while enterprise integrations accelerate and automate response before it impacts your business.

ExtraHop Reveal(x)

See every detail of an attack. No Darkspace.

Reveal(x) is network security analytics powered by AI. It sees every detail of an attack to provide deep visibility and automated investigation at every step of an attack, so you can quarantine malicious devices before damage is done, and get conclusive forensic evidence in just clicks.

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