Professional Services

ExtraHop’s Solutions Architecture strategy turns professional services on its head. Whereas traditional software vendors sell professional services hours, ExtraHop focuses on successful outcomes. Our flat-fee engagements are accomplished only when the objective is achieved.

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Flat-Fee Engagements Designed for Big Impact

Each Solutions Architecture service is tailored to address common IT Operations needs and deliver significant results in a short timeframe. In addition, the flat-fee pricing structure provides greater predictability compared to an hourly model. Download the datasheet.

Operational Excellence

Fulfill business goals using ExtraHop operational intelligence. Deliverables: Managed ExtraHop deployment, customized data collection and reporting according to business goals, role-based views for executives and IT teams, summary and findings document.

Quickstart Deployment

Accelerate returns on your ExtraHop investment with a structured, managed deployment that aligns to business priorities. Deliverables: Project documentation, including goals, requirements, and plan; customized training curricula.

Dashboards & Reporting

Extend the benefits of ExtraHop operational intelligence to executives, application owners, and IT teams with customized visualizations. Deliverables: Customized data collection, dashboards, reports, geomaps, and alerts.

Application & Infrastructure Analysis

Root out waste and optimize application performance with analysis of all tiers. Deliverables: Findings report(s) including specific recommendations.

Problem Resolution

Get to the bottom of complex technical issues. Deliverables: Data analysis sessions, findings report(s) including recommendations.

Workflow Optimization

Strategically align organization, processes, and tools for more efficient troubleshooting. Deliverables: Report with recommendations for incident-response workflow, integration between monitoring and management tools, run-book for incident response.