Cloud Migration

More and more enterprises are moving parts of business-critical applications into the cloud, leveraging the latest cloud technologies to drive down cost and quickly scale up when needed. Being a relatively new technology platform, cloud services bring a set of unique performance challenges:

  • Inability to see past resource utilizationWhile there are many cloud monitoring services that provide visibility into resource utilization, such as CPU and memory, these metrics do not equate to application performance. Even with adequate resource allocation, unexpected application behavior still could cause failed transactions or incomplete requests, for example.
  • Highly distributed nature of cloud servicesBy definition, a cloud service is highly distributed and accessed remotely via the Internet. With more moving pieces to manage, cloud services lead to more potential causes of performance issues.
  • Impact of cloud-related latencyLatency is just a part of life in the world of cloud services. The important questions are how much additional latency is incurred and what is the impact on application performance. With cloud-related monitoring in a nascent state, most cloud providers and consumers do not have a reliable way to answer these questions.

How does ExtraHop help overcome the challenges of cloud migration?

With ExtraHop, visibility in the cloud is no longer a pipe dream.

  • Get the metrics that really matter to IT Operations teams. ExtraHop extracts application-level details off the wire in real time, such as the URI included in an HTTP 500 error or a slow stored procedure in a database. This operational intelligence helps IT teams pinpoint the root cause of performance issues fast.
  • Troubleshoot intermittent problems with upstream providers. ExtraHop keeps tabs on cloud providers with extensive metrics that capture the full application-performance profile, across all transactions. This insight helps shed light on intermittent connectivity problems due to disruptions occurring upstream.
  • Measure the true impact of cloud latency. ExtraHop monitors hundreds of thousands of transactions simultaneously and in real time, recording key metrics for application performance. The integrated performance views help to identify likely causes when a cloud service is slow. The ExtraHop platform arms you with better information that you can use to track down problems with the cloud provider.

ExtraHop helps IT teams to make the most of AWS. Download the solution brief to learn more.

ExtraHop supports distributed deployments that span multiple datacenters, branch offices, and public cloud services.