Solutions by Project

Our favorite customer success stories often begin with an unsolvable problem, a challenge that ExtraHop is always ready to meet. We believe Operations is the most difficult position in all of IT, and we’re here to help.

With the powerful capabilities the ExtraHop platform, you can navigate even the most complex projects and initiatives:

  • P2V MigrationOvercome the challenges of physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration with performance baselines, real-time visibility, and deterministic application response times in virtualized and hybrid environments.
  • BYOD and Mobile EnablementEffectively manage mobile application usage and performance in dynamic environments.
  • Cloud MigrationTroubleshoot intermittent problems with upstream providers and measure the true application response times before and after moving to the cloud.
  • Big DataTune and optimize the performance of big data applications, including the network and storage infrastructure.
  • Security Audit and ComplianceDetect performance changes, monitor and track unauthorized access, generate audit logs, and more.
  • ADC/Load Balancer TuningGain the insight needed to intelligently tune and optimize application delivery controller and load balancer settings.
  • Server VirtualizationAvoid VM performance problems before they occur and quickly isolate the sources of virtual packet loss.
  • SDN MonitoringUnderstand what is really happening with an application workload regardless of where it is running or where it is moving.