White Papers

ExtraHop Overview: How It Works and Real-World Results

Increasingly, business success depends on how quickly and how well IT Operations teams respond to new demands. This white paper explains the technology that powers the ExtraHop platform and how leading IT organizations use ExtraHop for end-user intelligence, proactive remediation, application optimization, business intelligence, and security and compliance.

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Designing and Building an Open ITOA Architecture

ExtraHop advocates an open approach to IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) that puts you in charge of how you collect, store, and analyze your data. This white paper offers prescriptive guidance for building an open ITOA architecture that incorporates the four sources of IT visibility: wire data, machine data, agent data, and synthetic data.

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Driving Business with Continuous Operational Intelligence

In this white paper, EMA Vice President of Research Jim Frey explains how IT organizations can derive real-time IT and business insights from their wire data, as well as the unique capabilities included in the fourth-generation ExtraHop platform that make this continuous operational intelligence possible.

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Five Ways Wire Data Analytics Enables Real-Time Healthcare Systems

ExtraHop equips healthcare organizations with unprecedented visibility through wire data analytics so that they can adapt to new market demands. This white paper explains how organizations can use ExtraHop to support healthcare systems that are more aware, more mobile, and more collaborative than ever.

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10 Ways Wire Data Helps Conquer IT Complexity

This white paper from Slashdot Media explains the value of wire data in practical, simple-to-understand terms. With a robust wire data analytics solution, IT teams can automatically detect problems across the entire IT environment, spot data theft by flagging queries from untrusted sources, select unique pieces of transaction payloads to send to Splunk or another big data source, and more.

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Monitoring Application Performance in the Cloud

Application owners and IT Operations managers need to reassess how they manage application performance when migrating their applications to virtual or cloud-based environments. With a modern operational intelligence solution, IT teams can keep track of a constantly changing environment, automatically track performance baselines and trends, diagnose and fix esoteric performance issues related to virtualization, and ensure compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs).

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Enhance Performance Visibility, Control for AWS Deployments

Every IT shop considering adoption of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or expanding their cloud deployments sacrifices some visibility. This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) impact brief explains how to bridge this visibility gap with ExtraHop. With cloud-specific insight from wire data, IT teams to optimize performance and cost-efficiency for their AWS workloads.

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Multi-Layer Performance Management: Co-Deploying ExtraHop and NetScout Solutions

Many IT teams are finding great value in having both NetScout and ExtraHop solutions deployed in parallel. This white paper, written by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), examines three sample cases where ExtraHop Networks solutions have been deployed for real-time application performance visibility and triage alongside NetScout Systems solutions for forensic analysis of complex performance issues and behaviors.

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TRAC Research White Papers on Usability of APM Data

The first paper highlights survey results from 437 enterprise IT organizations, listing four key capabilities needed to transform APM data into actionable information, and the business benefits associated with implementing those capabilities. The second report provides an overview of the framework for real-time analysis included in the ExtraHop platform and discusses how the ExtraHop platform addresses the top challenges for monitoring application transactions.

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Ten Best Practices for Optimizing ADC Deployments

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are critical control points in the application environment. This paper examines the complexities around deploying ADCs and focuses on some best practices for deploying ADCs, such as the BIG-IP product family from F5 Networks.

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