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For IT Operations teams, the ExtraHop platform can replace traditional application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM) tools.

Compare the ExtraHop Platform with Application Performance Management (APM) Products

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APM vendor comparison

Unlike APM tools that rely on agents and other host-based instrumentation, the passive ExtraHop wire data analytics platform is extremely simple to deploy, maintain, and manage. As a self-contained appliance that automatically discovers devices and their application roles by monitoring their communications on the network, the ExtraHop platform can be deployed and begin analyzing application transactions in under an hour. The ExtraHop platform continuously monitors application performance and is unaffected by changes in application code or the IT environment that can cause problems for agent-based tools.

Agent-based APM products consume system resources and network bandwidth and can slow the performance of the applications they are monitoring. In contrast, the ExtraHop platform  is completely passive and analyzes transactions as they pass over the wire to gain a comprehensive, real-time view into the performance of all tiers of the application infrastructure, including load balancers, web servers, application servers, databases, and networked storage systems. The ExtraHop platform also can provide insight into the performance of third-party cloud computing services, including latency and intermittent connectivity issues.

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Compare the ExtraHop Platform with Network Performance Management (NPM) Products

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NPM vendor comparison

The ExtraHop platform complements traditional NPM tools that monitor NetFlow and analyze packet captures offline. These tools offer important network optimization and forensics capabilities but do not provide the continuous application-level visibility needed to manage application performance in real time. Through passive analysis of application transactions from L2 through L7, the ExtraHop platform provides the true application-level visibility needed to set proactive, early-warning alerts for application-specific metrics, such as HTTP 500 server errors and slow stored procedures in a database.

Whereas NPM products lack the application-level detail needed to isolate the root cause of an application performance issue, the ExtraHop platform provides cross-tier visibility to show if the problem stems from an application server, a database, or a storage system. With a view across application tiers, IT organizations can work more collaboratively when triaging application performance issues. Team members from throughout the organization can access the easy-to-use interface and drill down from summary views to quickly pinpoint the root cause of an issue, including the details needed to fix the problem.

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