Product Pricing

At ExtraHop, we are proud to say that our solutions deliver the best value for every business. One of our customers expressed it best: “ExtraHop has ten times the capability at one-tenth of the cost.”

  • Best-in-class scalability—ExtraHop is the leader in scalability, which translates into fewer appliances than the competition requires.
  • The ultimate operational-intelligence feature set—ExtraHop leads in terms of the breadth and depth of our feature set, unifying functions that otherwise would require four or more disparate products.
  • No vendor lock-in—At ExtraHop, we aim for customer success in everything we do. We stand behind our solutions and our ability to continue to earn your business.

From small server closets to mega-datacenters, ExtraHop has a solution and a pricing and licensing model for every business, including both subscription plans and perpetual plans.

Pricing Optimized for Every Business

Subscription Plans

Perpetual Plans

Type of plan

Monthly subscription

Traditional plan

Available for both physical and virtual appliances

Available for physical appliances only

Pay-as-you-use flexibility: Buy only what you need today

Pay-as-you-grow flexibility: Add coverage for more servers as needed (flexible bursting allowed with no penalties)

Ideal deployments Anticipate significant changes over a three-year period

Prefer to own and not refresh hardware within 3 to 4 years
Product maintenance and support Includes all maintenance, support, and software upgrades Includes maintenance, support, and major and minor software upgrades for 3 years as long as maintenance is current, with an option to add major upgrades after 3 years
Terms Minimum 12-month term, priced monthly One-time hardware fee plus annual support and maintenance

Subscription Plans

ExtraHop subscription-based pricing and licensing plans provide the flexibility needed to adjust to changing business and IT requirements. For first-time ExtraHop users, subscription plans offer an easy way to get started. With no separate charges for major or minor software upgrades and no additional charges for support, our subscription plans put you in control. Buy what you need today on your terms and easily add capacity later. With pay-as-you-use and pay-as-you-grow flexibility, ExtraHop subscription plans are an ideal choice for many organizations.

Perpetual Plans

For organizations with more predictable requirements or a focus on capital rather than operational expenditures, we offer a traditional perpetual-license pricing model for physical ExtraHop appliances. Our perpetual plans offer pay-as-you-grow flexibility and access to maintenance, support, and major and minor software upgrades for three years as long as maintenance is current, with an option to add major upgrades after three years.

Pay-as-You-Use and Pay-as-You-Grow Flexibility

With our pay-as-you-use pricing for subscription-based plans, organizations focus on current needs while maintaining the flexibility to respond quickly to their changing IT environments. Our minimum 12-month subscription term, priced monthly, includes all support, maintenance, and upgrades. As your business or IT environment grows, you can adjust with our pay-as-you-grow options, part of both our subscription-based and perpetual pricing plans. We even offer flexible bursting, which allows you to go above your annual license limit for 30 days with no penalties.

Choosing the Plan That’s Right for You

We can help analyze the short-term and long-term needs and requirements for each organization to find the just-right solution. Contact us at or take a look at the scenarios below for an idea of how ExtraHop pricing compares to traditional IT management solutions.

ExtraHop Pricing Philosophy  IT buyers deserve better. Read our philosophy.

Pricing in the Real World: Unprecedented Flexibility

One of the fundamental differences and benefits of ExtraHop’s pay-as-you-use subscription model is its unmatched flexibility. Our pricing model adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Consider the Competition

Curious about how the numbers play out? Take a look at the following scenarios to get an idea of how ExtraHop stacks up against the competition. If you would like an in-depth analysis for your specific IT environment, contact our team—we’re here to help.

ExtraHop Offers the Best Performance at the Best Price

In the scenarios linked above and many others like them, ExtraHop’s operational intelligence delivers more with optimized pricing and flexibility. Consider the results:

  • In the first scenario, ExtraHop supports an unlimited number of applications running on up to 100 servers or virtual machines for just one-eighth of the cost of a contemporary IT operations management (ITOM) and 15 times less than a legacy ITOM tool while providing more analysis and functionality.
  • For organizations with numerous applications in complex, distributed, and large-scale environments, a single ExtraHop physical appliance supports thousands of servers or virtual machines for less than one-tenth the cost of other ITOM tools. For large-enterprise deployments, our perpetual pricing model with a physical appliance is a compelling option.
  • No datacenter or environment is static, and your licensing shouldn’t be either. When continuing past the first year in these scenarios, ExtraHop offers unmatched flexibility to accommodate changing requirements.