What is IT Operational Intelligence?

Operational intelligence is the ability to answer the question “What is happening in my environment right now?” ExtraHop equips IT organizations with the operational intelligence they need to proactively identify and fix problems, collaborate more effectively across teams, and support migrations, tuning, upgrades, compliance audits, and IT initiatives.

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The ExtraHop platform is engineered from the ground up to meet the performance monitoring needs of IT Operations teams, for whom multiple siloed tools are inadequate to manage increasingly heterogeneous, modular, and dynamic application environments. Unlike legacy approaches that rely on invasive agents, probes, and instrumentation, ExtraHop meets the criteria for an operational intelligence platform.

Criteria for IT Operational Intelligence:

  • Uses zero system resources and never perturbs the systems being monitored
  • Views the network, web servers, application servers, databases, and storage systems as one integral delivery system
  • Dynamically adjusts to changes in the IT environment including application updates and physical and virtual infrastructure changes
  • Covers all applications in production, not just the few that organizations can afford to monitor, and a heterogeneous infrastructure comprising storage, databases, web servers, DNS, and directory services from different vendors
  • Scales to support the most demanding enterprise environments, including geographically distributed applications covering multiple datacenters and hundreds of branch offices
  • Offers value to a wide range of IT Operations personnel, not just specialist teams

Tapping the Wealth of Wire Data

The underlying premise of the ExtraHop solution is that the health and performance information needed for operational intelligence already exists on the wire. Every component in the application delivery chain communicates over the network using standardized protocols. Previously, this wire data was left largely untapped—until ExtraHop. The ExtraHop platform excels in the most demanding enterprise environments, and is able to extract L2–L7 metrics from up to 1.3 million transactions simultaneously at a sustained 40Gbps. Read more about how the ExtraHop platform works.

The Correlated, Cross-Tier Visibility You Need to Manage Increasing Complexity

By analyzing the massive amounts of wire data traversing the network, the ExtraHop platform provides the real-time, cross-tier visibility that IT Operations teams need to manage increasingly complex applications and infrastructure. Continuously adapting to changes in the IT environment, the ExtraHop platform analyzes performance across all tiers of the application delivery chain, including network, VDI, web, middleware, database, and storage. IT teams use this information to accomplish the following tasks critical to managing application performance:

  • Proactive remediation
  • Triaging and troubleshooting
  • End-user experience monitoring
  • SLA monitoring
  • Capacity planning
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Infrastructure-change management
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Business intelligence
  • Security and regulatory compliance

Leading companies across a wide range of industries use the ExtraHop platform to minimize downtime, optimize performance, and protect revenue and brand reputation.

Easy to Install, Maintain, and Manage

With automatic discovery and plug-and-play deployment, the ExtraHop platform imposes none of the management burdens or system overhead associated with network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM) tools.

  • No expensive consultants
  • No expensive per-server and per-seat licensing
  • No months-long deployments
  • No manual labeling, grouping, or classification of devices
  • No agents to configure, certify, and deploy each time the application code changes
  • No active probes
  • No system overhead or network bandwidth consumption
  • No unexpected incompatibilities or complications to threaten production applications

With exponential growth in IT complexity, NPM and APM tools are increasingly untenable. The ExtraHop platform offers a much more flexible and elegant approach to monitoring application and infrastructure performance that offers IT Operations teams the visibility they need, with none of the cost or complexity that they do not need. Learn more about how the ExtraHop platform compares to traditional APM products.