The EH2000v is a virtual appliance built for private and public cloud environments, and is available as an Amazon Web Services AMI.

  • Industry-leading scalability – With 3 Gbps throughput capacity and support for over 1,000 hosts or VMs, the EH2000v provides significantly more-robust scalability than any competing product delivered as a virtual appliance.
  • 15-minute installation – The EH2000v installs and provides correlated, cross-tier visibility within minutes, automatically discovering and classifying virtual machines and applications without any configuration required.
  • Flexible deployment – As a virtual appliance that requires no dedicated rack space, the EH2000v can be moved easily from one location to another as monitoring needs change.

Visibility in Virtualized Environments

The EH2000v is an ideal solution for IT teams responsible for application performance in private and public cloud environments. As a virtual appliance or Amazon Web Services AMI, the EH2000v passively analyzes transactions passing between virtualized components of the application, including critical storage transactions that are not monitored by other tools.

  • Map dynamic environments – Automatically discover and track new virtual machines as they appear on the network, without any manual tagging or configuration.
  • Support P2V migrations – Compare before and after performance when migrating applications from physical to virtual infrastructure.
  • Ensure SLA compliance – Continuously monitor application response times and proactively resolve potential performance problems before they impact users.

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