The ExtraHop Platform

The ExtraHop platform transforms wire data into IT and business insight. The visibility provided by the ExtraHop platform provides value to all teams in your organization and empowers them with real-time IT operational intelligence. Thus equipped, organizations can transform their operations to become more efficient and proactive, dramatically improving performance, availability, and security on-premises and in the cloud.

4_0 UI video thumbWatch the overview video of ExtraHop user interface features. Explore your wire data more easily than ever with role-based dashboards, an innovative Metrics Explorer, and more!

  • Immediate Value for All

    Connect an ExtraHop appliance to a port mirror or network tap and it will automatically discover and classify your environment, providing valuable insights in minutes. As time passes, the platform learns what is normal and alerts you when things aren’t.

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  • Insights Limited Only by Imagination

    With ExtraHop, you can answer previously impossible questions. Quickly provide value to various teams with automatically generated, role-based dashboards and a range of visualization options to convey information intuitively.

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  • Wire Data at Enterprise Scale

    A single ExtraHop appliance can fully analyze a sustained 40Gbps with bulk decryption. ExtraHop deployments scale to hundreds of nodes monitoring hundreds of thousands of servers on-premises and in the cloud.

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  • Broad Technology Support

    Address all your requirements with a wide range of protocols for web, database, storage, VDI, and other technologies. If it communicates over the network, chances are that ExtraHop has it covered.

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  • Benefits of a True Platform

    Extract maximum value from your wire data with an open and extensible platform that you can program on the fly, easily extend with community-driven bundles, and integrate with best-of-breed monitoring and analytics tools.

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