IT Operations Monitoring & Analytics Products

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The ExtraHop platform is a passive network appliance built to help IT organizations manage the performance of increasingly complex and dynamic environments. A unique IT operational intelligence solution, the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform enables IT teams to view application servers, databases, storage systems, and the network together as one integral delivery system.

By harnessing the wealth of wire data flowing through their environments, IT operations teams have the visibility and insight they need to operate more efficiently, proactively prevent problems, respond faster to changing business demands, and identify opportunities to recapture or generate revenue.

The health and performance information needed to manage application and infrastructure performance is on the wire. The ExtraHop platform takes advantage of gains in processing power and storage capacity to deliver an unprecedented level of visibility and analysis based on the conversations already occurring within the datacenter.

  • Gain Cross-Tier Visibility - Rapidly triage and troubleshoot application performance problems, and eliminate finger-pointing by equipping IT teams with correlated visibility across tiers, even in complex environments such as Citrix VDI deployments
  • Support Continual Improvement - Establish performance baselines and track improvements with dashboards and push-button reports
  • Increase IT Agility and Business Intelligence - Respond rapidly to changing business requirements, free up resources for innovation with proactive problem resolution, and answer business questions that impact revenue
  • Make Informed IT Decisions - Gain before-and-after performance measurements for P2V migrations, plan infrastructure capacity, and optimize network and storage configurations and settings