Monitoring Application Performance in the Cloud

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Operations managers need to reassess how they manage application performance when migrating their applications to virtual or cloud-based environments. While traditional products that gather host-based performance data face significant challenges in these environments, a new approach that analyzes data passing over the wire offers a much more manageable and flexible solution. With real-time, L2-L7 analysis of wire data, IT teams can keep track of a constantly changing environment, automatically track performance baselines and trends, diagnose and fix esoteric performance issues related to virtualization, and ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).

This white paper provides an overview of how IT managers can regain lost visibility and keep up with the rapid pace of change by implementing IT operational intelligence solutions that adapt to dynamic environments and do not require complex agent-based deployments. The following five reasons make IT operational intelligence a must-have for enterprise IT, equally valuable for teams running conventional datacenters with dedicated infrastructure, contemplating a transition to virtualization and the cloud, or already running virtualized and cloud-based systems.

  • Keeping track of assets in the cloud
  • Managing physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations
  • Provisioning, optimizing, and capacity planning for applications in cloud environments
  • Achieving unified performance management across the datacenter and the cloud
  • Performance auditing and accountability in the cloud

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