Telecommunications Service Providers

Our service-provider customers have seen an explosion in complexity and costs with the proliferation of new technologies that push network, infrastructure, and application limits. Lacking cross-tier and correlated visibility into how all of these components are performing and affecting end-user experience has cost millions in lost revenue, wasted purchases, and inefficient coordination between IT teams when attempting to resolve problems.

Prior to ExtraHop, service providers were blind to what was happening across their application, data, and control-plane environments.

Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Service Providers

ExtraHop’s operational-intelligence solution empowers service providers to deliver superior customer service and user experience while reducing capital and operational expenses.

  • Support the most demanding environments with ExtraHop’s completely passive real-time 20Gbps continuous-analysis solution.
  • Manage dynamic and virtualized environments with built-in auto-discovery, auto-classification, and auto-dependency mapping.
  • Monitor Diameter and RADIUS protocols including attribute-value pairs (AVPs) and sub-AVPs like 3GPP and correlate with dependent systems
  • Define and implement new metrics in minutes with Application Inspection Triggers (AI Triggers), an extensible framework for scriptable event processing. AI Triggers put the control in your hands, not the vendor’s, and do not require consultants to implement.
  • Record entire flows associated with user-specified events using ExtraHop’s policy-based precision packet capture.
  • Track network performance baselines, which are essential for planning infrastructure capacity, justifying technology investments, and avoiding unnecessary IT expenses.
  • Drive application performance and availability with always-on, real-time, continuous monitoring at 1ms granularity to ensure that all issues are captured and reported.
  • Proactively fix issues before they become problems with early-warning alerts sent to the right people before they affect users or threaten SLAs.
  • Break down transaction attributes including device, browser, geographic location, time, special headers, and payload, and organize them by application, tier, and device.

Support Critical IT Initiatives

Whatever the services, whether carrier DNS, network, Diameter signaling, or LTE initiatives, our customers have real-time operational intelligence for their applications and infrastructure using the ExtraHop platform.

A simple misconfiguration or error in a GGSN, Diameter server, or customer portal can cause poor user experience, failures, and downtime leading to diminished average revenue per user (ARPU) and increased customer churn. We also have seen Operations teams spend significant time and effort due to inefficient coordination costs because they do not know where to begin to resolve issues and lack have the visibility to make proactive recommendations. So how do you correlate and coordinate user sessions, flows, and transactions across the service provider’s application, control, and data planes?

Do not let poor visibility keep you confined to brittle, complex deployments. Let ExtraHop power your continuous-improvement and optimization efforts by providing cross-tier network, application, infrastructure, and transaction visibility in one unified solution. Our service-provider customers tell us it would take at least three point products to attempt to provide the visibility of one ExtraHop, which also supports new application rollouts, AAA and DNS scaling and security, technology investment, and right-sizing. Whether you are monitoring session usage and Mobile Equipment Identifiers (MEIDs) or troubleshooting packet loss, ExtraHop helps you answer the question, “What is happening in my environment right now?”