Technology and SaaS Providers

When an angry client calls demanding to know why their application is slow, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) and technology-provider customers have to do more than confirm the poor performance—they need to absolve their applications or quickly identify the root cause of the problem. Our customers can quickly answer the question, “Where is it slow?” even as they see their applications becoming more complex as they scale their operations.

IT Operational Intelligence for Technology and SaaS Providers

ExtraHop’s platform for wire data analytics enables you to answer the question, “What is happening in my environment right now?” Equipped with this operational intelligence, you can deliver superior customer service and user experience while reducing capital and operational expenses.

  • Maintain superior levels of service with early-warning alerts based on historic trends and send them to the right people before issues result in SLA penalties.
  • Track key APIs, including those that use SOAP, REST, and JSON, with ExtraHop’s noninvasive wire-data analysis that can monitor anything in the payload.
  • Monitor secure environments at scale using industry-leading, real-time SSL decryption, which delivers 35,000 handshakes per second with 2048-bit keys.
  • Achieve continuous optimization of your memcache tier, including reads and writes, hits and misses, and method and error breakdowns.
  • Drill down to the root cause faster through deterministic multi-tier correlation and on-the-fly exploration of your wire data.
  • Manage dynamic virtualized environments with built-in automatic discovery, classification, and dependency-mapping, as well as native Citrix ICA support.

Whether you are mining session IDs from SOAP method calls, correlating network performance to user experience, or troubleshooting failed DNS requests, the ExtraHop platform empowers IT teams to drive customer experience, acting as partners to the business. From the front-end web tier to the back-end spindle, ExtraHop gives you continuous real-time visibility so you can focus on delivering quality SaaS and technology services.