What is the difference between a shopping-cart page returning an HTTP 500 message online and a sales associate refusing to take a customer’s money in the store? If 250ms of wait time sends visitors to a competitor’s site [1], how much slowdown is too much? With ExtraHop, you can drive continuous optimization and ensure high availability by always being able to answer the question, “What is happening in my environment now?”

Our customers have seen an explosion of secure data passing over the wire as they implement mobile and online point-of-sale (PoS) capabilities alongside traditional fixed PoS systems.

ExtraHop is the only IT management vendor to perform real-time SSL decryption to monitor and manage encrypted packet and transaction payload flows at scale. Whether digging into SQL read/write performance, IBM MQ commit-to-rollback ratios, or web service API availability, savvy IT teams are using ExtraHop to deliver fast and resilient retail applications.

Operational Intelligence for Retail IT Teams

ExtraHop provides the operational intelligence that retail IT teams need to support new projects while keeping existing applications and infrastructure running at peak performance.

  • Proactively monitor performance of online, mobile, and fixed PoS applications and infrastructure with automatic trend- and threshold-based alerts across all tiers.
  • Understand how applications are using shared resources such as databases, storage, and the network.
  • Establish baseline performance to measure improvements and facilitate physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations and other infrastructure changes.
  • Easily monitor large distributed environments that span hundreds of store locations.
  • Gain visibility into encrypted traffic with industry-leading SSL decryption capabilities—up to 35,000 handshakes per second for 2048-bit keys.
  • Support PCI compliance by tracking service-account password rotation without storing sensitive material to disk.
  • Auto-discover and auto-classify applications and servers so you never have to worry about maintaining configurations or manually tagging devices.
  • See results in just 15 minutes with an elegant network-based deployment that requires no agents or other invasive instrumentation.