Healthcare IT teams can be IT heroes with ExtraHop Networks. A network-based solution that deploys in 15 minutes and delivers immediate value, the ExtraHop platform provides stretched IT teams with the visibility they need to optimize their IT infrastructure, troubleshoot problems faster, and support new IT initiatives such as mobile applications, virtualization, and electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) projects.

Fast and reliable performance for EHR/EMR, PACS, and clinical order-entry systems directly affects patient care and employee productivity. The ExtraHop platform monitors all transactions in real time to alert IT teams to potential problems early so they can prevent outages and performance degradations and fix issues before they impact end users.

Support Critical Healthcare IT Initiatives

Equipped with application activity maps that show application interdependencies, automatically updated performance baselines, and end-to-end application visibility, healthcare IT teams can support rapidly changing business requirements.

  • Mobile Applications – Monitor the performance of web-based mobile applications and correlate front-end behavior with back-end activity.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Track compliance with privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA by monitoring specific directories for reads, writes, locks, creates, and deletes per user and file. Support compliance audits with automatically generated reports.
  • Virtualization – Automatically detect and inventory devices across physical and virtual environments. Manage physical-to-virtual migrations without worrying about losing visibility into application performance.

The ExtraHop platform supports healthcare IT applications. Download the solution brief to learn more.

Avoid IT Costs, Optimize Existing Infrastructure

Real-time visibility helps healthcare IT teams increase the efficiency and performance of complex, dynamic application environments. The ExtraHop platform automatically adapts to changes in the application environment and builds continually updated performance baselines so that IT teams have the information they need to configure settings, tune performance, plan capacity, and right-size their IT infrastructure.

Troubleshoot Healthcare Application Problems in Minutes

Comprehensive visibility across the entire application environment enables healthcare IT teams to triage and troubleshoot performance issues fast. The ExtraHop platform provides correlated, cross-tier visibility that ties front-end behaviors with back-end issues at the network, web, database, and storage tiers. The ExtraHop platform also provides detailed ICA transaction metrics for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop applications.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Healthcare IT teams can deploy the ExtraHop platform in less than 15 minutes. Unlike agent-based APM solutions that require extensive configuration and months to deploy and update, the ExtraHop platform delivers immediate value by automatically detecting and classifying network-connected devices and analyzing their transactions in real time.

  • Spend 10 times less money upfront than competing solutions—and even less in ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Eliminate expensive APM implementation costs and lengthy deployments.
  • Monitor the performance of all networked applications regardless of technology platform, including custom-developed applications.
  • Automatically adjust to changes in the application environment.
  • Define new custom metrics on the fly with award-winning Application Inspection Triggers.