Healthcare IT Analytics

ExtraHop is a force multiplier for healthcare IT teams struggling with increasing complexity. With the ExtraHop platform, healthcare organizations can regain control over the performance of their applications and infrastructure, and capitalize on their Big Data opportunity. The ExtraHop Healthcare Edition combines market-leading application performance, availability, and security monitoring with new first-and-only HL7 analytics capabilities. With the ability to provide heterogeneous, real-time visibility into all HL7 transactions within a healthcare environment, healthcare IT and business leaders can proactively discover and map HL7 communications across interfaces, analyze the performance and effectiveness of clinical workflows, and derive a wide range of valuable operational and business insights.

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Harness Wire Data for IT, Business, and Clinical Insights

Healthcare IT teams have a tremendous opportunity to harness the explosion of data generated by EHR systems, CPOE systems, physician and patient portals, and other applications. ExtraHop’s wire data analytics platform also enables healthcare organizations to mine this valuable wire data and derive new real-time insights into their operations and clinical workflows. For example, details extracted from web transactions and HL7 messages can help organizations understand how physicians are using applications, track patient flow through hospitals, monitor wait times across facilities, and detect the type of ICD codes contained in the message. For deeper insights, IT teams can stream their wire data to non-proprietary datastores such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch for correlation with other data sets and multidimensional analysis. ExtraHop also works with Immediate Insight so organizations can combine real-time events with historical data sets. Read more about ExtraHop’s Open Data Stream capabilities.

Continuous Audit for ICD-10 Conversion

ExtraHop’s real-time HL7 analytics capabilities enable you to detect all ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes passing between applications and corresponding interfaces in your environment. This helps you prepare for ICD-10 conversion by identifying all applications and interfaces requiring attention, including their dependencies. After the switchover on October 1, the ExtraHop platform will equip you with the intelligence you need to confirm ICD-10 codes are in use, identify any systems still using ICD-9 codes, and hold application vendors accountable.

By ensuring that you have continuous visibility into all ICD codes in use in your environment, ExtraHop can help you better prepare for the impending October 1 deadline, thereby minimizing potentially costly billing issues due to rejected, returned, or unprocessed claims. Learn more about how ExtraHop can help with ICD-10 conversion.

Improve Performance for Critical Applications

With ExtraHop, IT organizations can ensure fast and reliable performance for systems that directly impact patient care and employee productivity, such as web portals, EHR, and CPOE systems. The ExtraHop platform monitors all transactions in real time to alert IT teams to potential problems early so they can prevent outages and performance degradations and fix issues before they impact end users. Real-time analysis of wire data—all L2-L7 communications between systems—provides IT teams with correlated, cross-tier visibility for all networked applications, including:

  • Packaged software applications such as Allscripts, Cerner, and MEDITECH
  • Physician and patient web portals
  • Legacy applications that have few other monitoring options
  • Hosted or SaaS applications

Read how organizations such as Steward Health Care System, McKesson Managed Services, and Seattle Children’s Hospital use ExtraHop to support real-time healthcare systems. Download the white paper: Five Ways Wire Data Analytics Enables Real-Time Healthcare Systems.

Support Key IT Initiatives and Projects

The ExtraHop wire data analytics platform is applicable to a broad range of critical projects, including:

  • HL7 Interface Monitoring – Analyze all HL7 messages in real time to extract valuable information for interface performance monitoring and clinical informatics. Automatically map all sending and receiving interfaces, regardless of vendor, including the applications dependent on those interfaces.
  • ICD-10 Continuous Audit – Detect all ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes passing between applications before and after ICD-10 conversion. Discover stray systems that need to be updated and get actionable intelligence to hold vendors accountable.
  • VDI and Application Virtualization – Gain best-in-class monitoring for Citrix environments, combining real-time ICA analysis with a cross-tier view of infrastructure activity. The ExtraHop platform is verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp.
  • Security and Compliance – Track compliance with privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA by monitoring specific directories for reads, writes, locks, creates, and deletes per user and file. Support compliance audits with automatically generated reports.
  • Mobile Applications – Monitor the performance of mobile applications and correlate front-end behavior with back-end activity.

Troubleshoot Healthcare Application Problems in Minutes

Healthcare IT teams can regain control over the performance of their applications with ExtraHop, triaging and troubleshooting performance issues faster with cross-tier visibility and L2-L7 transaction details. The ExtraHop platform ties front-end behaviors with back-end issues at the network, web, database, and storage tiers. With ExtraHop, IT operations teams can have fact-based conversations with application teams and vendors about performance.

Benefits All Teams

The ExtraHop platform analyzes all L2-L7 communications on the wire and presents the analysis in a way that benefits multiple IT teams. In addition, the information on the wire can also be mined for valuable business and clinical insights, such as patient wait times per facility and how physicians use applications.

Heatlhcare Infrastructure & Application Monitoring Inforgraphic

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