Government agencies increasingly depend on robust application performance to fulfill their missions. At the same time, government IT environments are becoming exponentially more complex with growing volumes of transactions, virtualized infrastructure and private cloud services, and mobile applications. Government IT teams require new approaches that can help them efficiently tune and troubleshoot application performance.

With award-winning solutions from ExtraHop Networks, government IT organizations can continuously monitor application performance even in the most complex and dynamic environments. The ExtraHop platform, a noninvasive IT operational intelligence solution, deploys in just 15 minutes and automatically discovers devices and applications with zero configuration.

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Continuous Monitoring

ExtraHop’s passive analysis of all transactions traversing the datacenter enables government IT organizations to ensure compliance with performance-related service-level agreements (SLAs) and privacy and security regulations.

  • Trend-based alerts based on anomalous activity for proactive management of end-user experiences and SLAs
  • Real-time SSL envelope analysis for all transactions to support encryption policy audit and tracking
  • Real-user monitoring for all transactions to detect intermittent or emerging performance problems
  • Automatic detection and classification of new devices and applications, both physical and virtual, as soon as they appear on the network
  • Security and privacy compliance and audit support with Application Inspection Triggers to track specific users’ modifications or deletions of sensitive tables or data elements
  • Passive deployment using only a port mirror or network tap

Comprehensive Application Performance Visibility

ExtraHop’s real-time visibility across the network, web, database, and storage tiers gives government IT teams true situational awareness of how their applications are performing, even in private cloud environments. The ExtraHop platform correlates application health and performance metrics across all tiers and enables team members to explore their wire data and drill down into detailed transaction metrics.

  • Correlated cross-tier visibility for accelerated triaging and troubleshooting for both physical and virtual environments
  • Detailed application-level transaction metrics such as specific users, files, errors, and methods to help isolate the root cause of problems
  • Real-time analysis of all transactions without sampling or other reduced levels of insight
  • Support for Hadoop and Cassandra clusters with detailed TCP analysis for tens of thousands of transactions per second
  • Comprehensive view of application performance to encourage collaboration among specialist IT teams

IT Decision Support

ExtraHop’s up-to-date mapping and measuring capabilities give government IT organizations the insight they need to make informed decisions regarding tuning, capacity planning, and infrastructure changes, including migration to private cloud environments.

  • Role-based dashboards to support proactive IT management processes
  • Automatically updated Application Activity Maps showing all network-connected devices, both physical and virtual, and their dependencies to support datacenter planning, inventorying of IT assets, and other IT management tasks
  • Auto-discovery and auto-classification for devices and applications provide up-to-date information without tagging or configuration
  • Custom performance metrics created in minutes through ExtraHop’s Application Inspection Triggers technology, a framework for real-time analysis at the application-protocol level
  • Baselines for application performance with before-and-after comparisons of performance during application and infrastructure changes
  • Performance insights to help tune complex settings on network and storage systems