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The ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free virtual appliance that gives you real-time insight into your wire data.

  • Auto-discover apps and devices
  • Real-time analysis
  • On-premises and cloud
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What our customers are saying:

"We installed the ExtraHop appliance and within 30 minutes I was able to show the DBAs which tables were being used, by which applications, and which ones performed most slowly."

Todd Marsh, Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure Services, Bentley University

"The ExtraHop platform gives us visibility across tiers and immediate insights with human-readable information so that we spend less time decoding machine-readable information."

Manish Gupta, Senior IT Lead, Cloud and Data Services, Purdue Pharma

Cross-Tier Visibility

Explore real-time web, VDI, database, DNS, and storage activity. Go from a high-level summary view and drill down to see details for any of the tiers.


Automatically discover applications and devices. If it communicates over the network, the ExtraHop Discovery Edition will discover and classify it.


See the geographic origin of requests, along with IP addresses and other details, for any protocol. Easily spot traffic originating from suspicious locales.

Activity Maps

Map out device dependencies and see protocol activity. You can then use these activity maps for planning and IT audits. The maps also deep-link to device pages.

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