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This free virtual appliance analyzes wire data—all L2-L7 communications between systems—in VMware, Hyper-V, and AWS environments.

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ExtraHop Discovery Edition

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AFTER A 15-MINUTE INSTALLATION of the ExtraHop Discovery Edition, you will be able to

  • Auto-discover all applications and physical and virtual devices
  • View real-time performance correlated across the network, web, VDI, application, database, and storage tiers
  • Identify errors and performance degradations for each tier in the application delivery chain
  • Join our customer forum to ask questions, learn tips and tricks, and share stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Discovery Edition?

A: The ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free virtual appliance that works for VMware ESX/ESXi, VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Hyper-V, and Amazon Web Services environments. You can use the Discovery Edition to passively analyze the wire data already passing between systems. The appliance reassembles transactions, flows, and sessions to extract L2-L7 metrics in real time. You’ll be able to quickly correlate activity at the network, virtualization, application, database, and storage tiers of your environment, as well as gain insights for capacity planning, security, P2V migrations, and other purposes.

Q: What do I need for the Discovery Edition to work?

A: If you are deploying on-premises, you’ll need a machine that meets our minimum system requirements, a bare-metal hypervisor such as the free Windows Hyper-V or free VMware ESXi to run the Discovery Edition, and a method of directing traffic to the appliance. You can also use a type-2 hypervisor such as VMware Fusion on an laptop or desktop. If you are deploying to Amazon Web Services, you will need to launch a large EC2 instance. You have various options for directing traffic to the appliance, including using a software tap (lightweight packet forwarder) or port mirroring. The Discovery Edition download includes an installation wizard and a PDF guide. You can also access the ExtraHop forum for more information.

Q: For how long can I use the Discovery Edition?

A: You can use the Discovery Edition for as long as you like. The Discovery Edition is a free download that has a perpetual license. However, over time, you might want to upgrade to the full version to receive access to an incredible list of enterprise-grade features (see next answer).

Q: What is the difference between the free Discovery Edition and paid versions of ExtraHop?

A: The Discovery Edition offers a streamlined experience that will help you quickly understand the value of the wire data flowing over your network. The full version of the ExtraHop platform offers much greater functionality than the Discovery Edition, including: trend-based and threshold-based alerts, detailed transaction-level drill-down views, a minimum of 30 days of lookback, precision packet capture, hardware-accelerated SSL decryption, up to a sustained 20Gbps throughput, and many other enterprise-grade features. Read the benefits of upgrading on-premises or in Amazon Web Services.

Q: How much does the full version of the ExtraHop platform cost?

A: ExtraHop is not only easy to try, but also easy to buy thanks to our flexible pricing model. Pricing for the full version of the ExtraHop platforms starts as low as $7,500 for one year’s subscription, which equates to just $4-$12 per server/month depending on the protocol modules you want to add on. For Amazon Web Services, a year subscription equates to just $0.02/hour per monitored instance.

Q: If I want to upgrade to the full version, what is the process?

A: If you use a standard hypervisor, you don’t need to download or install anything new. Just contact us to purchase a subscription and we’ll upgrade your software license. If you use a desktop hypervisor, your purchased subscription will include a new installation file and software license to be used with a standard hypervisor.

Q: How many servers does the Discovery Edition monitor?

A: The Discovery Edition auto-discovers all clients and servers communicating over the monitored network segments. You can see all the communications for each device by protocol, as well as what other devices it is communicating with.

Q: Does the Discovery Edition store items locally or send them to an external target?

A: All the data recorded by the Discovery Edition virtual appliance is kept within your network and under your control. 

Q: What customization options are available for the Discovery Edition?

A: The Discovery Edition includes Application Inspection Triggers as well as the ability to add solution bundles. Solution bundles are extensible packages of triggers, dashboards, alerts, and other functionality for specific applications, use cases, or integrations with other management and monitoring tools. There are dozens of solution bundles available for download from the ExtraHop forum.

Q: Where can I go if I have other questions?

A: The ExtraHop community forum offers a wealth of information about how you can use your Discovery Edition to solve particular problems. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, feel free to ask a question. You will receive forum access along with your download key for the Discovery Edition.

  • I was impressed with the application performance visibility that the ExtraHop platform provided out of the box. We could immediately see all the devices present on the network and their dependencies, as well as the impact of core network services such as LDAP and DNS on application performance.

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    Stefan Pörn, IT Operations Manager