News Articles (2008)


8 Ways to Expense an iPhone - December 17, 2008

ExtraHop Networks landed on the scene recently with an appliance designed to cut troubleshooting time for applications and network teams. Now the vendor is making its packet capture and analysis technology available via the iPhone. Because network engineers are increasingly mobile, ExtraHop designed its product with a user interface that was both minimal and complete. “We simplified the visualization and tried to expose the most useful metrics at a glance, to help users determine the right course of action quickly.” [Read more…]


A Network Manager’s Utility Belt - December 11, 2008

“The vigilant network manager, like Batman looking down on Gotham, knows that somewhere out there, something bad probably is happening — something that’s making an application go astray. But unlike the well-funded Dark Knight, the network manager isn’t equipped with the Batarangs, night vision, and a host of other gadgets to swoop down and quickly nail the problem. ExtraHop Networks’ Application Delivery Assurance Appliance, introduced earlier this week, doesn’t come with batwings, but…” [Read more…]


Two (IT) Guys and a Garage - December 9, 2008

Every once in a while, a new company with an innovative technology comes along that makes you say “Wow, this is the beginning of something big.” Well, that was just the feeling I had when the ExtraHop Team first explained to me their vision and demonstrated their interface. [Read more…]


ExtraHop Debuts Application Delivery Appliance - December 8, 2008

“To meet the demands of today’s complex applications, a new company called ExtraHop Networks is launching its revolutionary Application Delivery Assurance Appliance to move today’s IT organizations beyond monitoring and toward holistic application assurance.” [Read more…]

F5 veterans launch ExtraHop - December 8, 2008

You don’t see many new companies launching computer network appliances in this climate. But ExtraHop, a Seattle startup backed by Madrona Venture Group and led by former F5 Networks (engineers), is taking the leap. [Read more…]


ExtraHop Eases Application Performance - December 8, 2008

Many products on the market today are too high level or too detailed, with few capabilities to bridge the gap. ExtraHop recently said its ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance appliance provides both high-level, aggregate performance statistics, application-aware processing, and packet-level decodes, making the product suitable for both the business manager monitoring status and the network and application engineer troubleshooting issues. [Read more…]


ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance System - December 8, 2008

New start-up ExtraHop Networks’ flagship product offering is a network traffic monitoring and analysis appliance that can be used by network administrators for such tasks as performance tuning, network troubleshooting, and capacity planning. The appliance is deployed passively on the network—off of a SPAN or TAP—and is able to automatically sniff and decipher the protocols it understands, displaying collected information in drill-down, point-and-click screens in a Web-based GUI. [Read more…]


ExtraHop’s New Take on App Monitoring - December 5, 2008

Despite decades of effort, troubleshooting applications is still hard. ExtraHop, which comes out of stealth today with the launch of its Application Delivery Assurance Appliance, thinks it’s got the answer. Backed with $1.5 million from Madrona Venture Partners, the 10-person company is capitalizing on recent increases in switch and processing capacity that make it possible to analyze all the traffic on a network. [Read more…]


Start-up aims to reduce troubleshooting time - December 4, 2008

Seattle-based start-up ExtraHop Networks next week will unveil its flagship appliance that 10 beta customers put in place earlier this year to more quickly identify application performance problems across sophisticated, distributed networks. [Read more…]