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Top Tools for Solving App Performance Woes - February 3, 2014

While all the tools exhibited a range of APM strengths and abilities, we found that ExtraHop’s appliance did the best job of keeping our users’ performance complaints to a minimum. It was quickest to identify performance problems, its display of application activity was easiest to use and it had the best virtual machine support. [Read more...]

2014 Will Be the Year of Adoption, ExtraHop Says - December 12, 2013

The New Year in IT can be characterized as the Year of Adoption, according to data analytics company ExtraHop. The company, which provides data analytics for IT operational intelligence, this week released its predictions for IT in 2014. Overall, the firm says that in 2014 organizations that have been taking a curious look at new and emerging technologies will get serious about them. [Read more...]

Trouble Seeing what AWS Workloads Are Doing? ExtraHop Wants to Help - December 2, 2013

ExtraHop is competing with a number of others, such as AppDynamics, BMC, Compuware dynatrace, and New Relic, who want to make AWS a more manageable platform. ExtraHop’s claim to fame is its ability to watch and learn from network traffic rather than forcing organizations to heavily instrument their workloads. Is ExtraHop for AWS the right tool for the job? Since each organization’s environment and skill-set is different that would have to be determined on a case-by-case basis. What is clear is that ExtraHop for AWS is worth learning about. [Read more...]

Extrahop Takes Application Performance Monitoring To Amazon’s Public Cloud - November 7, 2013

Extrahop Networks, a six-year-old application performance management vendor, is taking its game to the public cloud for the first time. The Seattle-based vendor Wednesday launched Extrahop For Amazon Web Services, a new technology that analyzes wire data moving between instances, services and users in AWS environments to give users a view of how their applications are performing. Extrahop For Amazon Web Services runs on Extrahop’s physical and virtual appliances and lets organizations track workloads running on-premise and in the public cloud, Erik Giesa, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Extrahop, said in an interview. [Read more...]

Morgan Stanley Understands How To Leverage Their Big Data - October 22, 2013

Morgan Stanley decided to start using wire data to find errors within their applications. Wire data is all the data flowing in systems between all physical and logical layers. Real-time wire data analytics can help detect and prioritize problems across their applications as they analyse how applications behave and use that data to mine it for useful information. In order to successfully do this, they use software from ExtraHop, a company that helps IT organisations to harness the massive amounts of wire data flowing through their environments for real-time operational intelligence. [Read more...]

Morgan Stanley Turns To Wire Data - October 11, 2013

Prior to having the ability to access real-time wire data, Morgan Stanley had to perform the time consuming tasks of either going back to a specific IT staffer or perform a code sweep to solve the problem … According to Kozlowski, the shift from using wire data from a forensic science to a solution that predicts application behavior is more efficient. Real-time wire data also provides an explanation to how an application behaves and the ability to mine useful information. Aside from using wire data to figure out IT pain points, Morgan Stanley also measures how much a web portal, as well as the applications within the portal, are being used. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Mines the Network to Glean Operations Intelligence - October 4, 2013

Jesse Rothstein, who was the lead architect of F5′s flagship product line, founded ExtraHop in 2007 to develop products to derive IT operations intelligence from data gleaned from the network. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently caught up with Rothstein for an update on the company and what it has learned about things like virtual packet loss (hint: it can be the bane of highly virtualized environments). [Read more...]

ExtraHop, Splunk Deliver New Compliance and Security Offering - October 4, 2013

ExtraHop Networks, a provider of analytics for wire data or data in motion, joined forces with Splunk to deliver a new compliance and security offering. The product provides pervasive, context-aware monitoring that imparts intelligent compliance and security, ExtraHop officials said. The ExtraHop compliance and security offering provides correlated, cross-tier visibility and anomaly detection that complements intrusion prevention systems (IPS), intrusion detection systems (IDS) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. [Read more...]

Network Innovation Award: ExtraHop EH8000 for Operational Intelligence - September 5, 2013

It’s been a long time since packet sniffing was considered a groundbreaking technology. It’s the information you can extract from that raw data—the analysis that solves problems or even improves revenue—that determines the value of a network monitoring or application performance management tool. ExtraHop Networks Inc., winner of September’s SearchNetworking’s Network Innovation Award for its EH8000 appliance, takes this notion one step further with what it calls an operational intelligence platform. The Seattle-based vendor performs in-depth, real-time wire data analysis in Layers 2 through 7, and it upped its game earlier this year with the release of the EH8000, a 20 Gbps appliance that processes data at line-rate speeds. SearchNetworking features writer Jessica Scarpati spoke with ExtraHop CEO and co-founder Jesse Rothstein, about the EH8000. [Read more...]

Ahead of VMworld, Arista Finds a DANZ Partner in ExtraHop - August 23, 2013

One of the primary value propositions of a software-defined datacenter (SDDC) is that it simplifies data center operations. However, without the proper management tools, virtualization and “software defined” will actually make things more complicated and could increase operational expense. The integrated solution from ExtraHop and Arista gives IT visibility up and down the IT stack and cross-team visibility make the SDDC manageable. This is a great example of the flexibility and programmability of Arista’s operating system as well as strong evidence for the analytic capabilities of ExtraHop. As the vision of the SDDC moves closer to fulfillment, we should expect to see more partnerships like this. [Read more...]

Arista, ExtraHop Partner on Network Visibility, Provisioning - August 22, 2013

Virtualized networks—an important part of the larger push toward software-defined data centers—will offer new levels of programmability, scalability and automation, but also will increase complexity in the environment, according to Erik Giesa, senior vice president of worldwide marketing and business development at ExtraHop. To help deal with the complexity of these dynamic environments, organizations need cross-tier monitoring and visibility capabilities that enable them automatically discover and map dependencies of all applications and infrastructure components, and adapt to change in the data center. “The whole point of [the joint Arista-ExtraHop solution] is solving that persistent visibility challenge,” Giesa told eWEEK. [Read more...]

ExtraHop, Arista Team Up on SDN Visibility - August 22, 2013

By creating an integrated ExtraHop-Arista Persistent Monitoring Architecture, the two companies intend to let service providers, particularly those in the cloud, as well as datacenter operators and enterprises, capitalize on the programmability of Arista’s EOS and the real-time analytics of ExtraHop. The continuous auto-discovery of virtual and physical servers and persistent analysis of traffic flows as virtual machines are spun up and spun down gives service providers the assurance that network efficiency isn’t coming at the price of end-user experience, Giesa says. And while the deal is not exclusive, he adds, there is a deeper level of integration between his company’s analytics and Arista’s switches than ExtraHop has with other switch makers. [Read more...]

New Approaches to Application Management in the Cloud - July 24, 2013

Nobody ever said application management in the cloud was going to be easy. Well, perhaps a few people did in the beginning, but now that reality has set in, organizations can get to work overcoming the challenges that disparate infrastructure presents to the application layer. According to ExtraHop Network’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Erik Giesa, the cloud introduces a need for per-user and session transaction service correlation across the entire delivery chain, which provides a more in-depth view of environmental conditions than simple resource monitoring. [Read more...]

Watch These Seattle Geeks Rock Out with ‘Smoke on the Water’ - July 18, 2013

Well, it’s not quite the electrified performance from “The Revenge of the Nerds.” But last night, at Golden Gardens Park, a group of geeks from Seattle startup ExtraHop rocked the bathhouse for the company’s annual sales party. With renditions of La Bamba and Daft Punk’s hit single Get Lucky, the band, which included co-founder Raja Mukerji on keys and senior director of marketing Chris Blessington on drums, let it rip. They called themselves Packet Droppings. (Anyone get the geek reference?) And, as it happens, there were a few musicians in the bunch, including Bhushan Khanal, a founding member and lead guitarist for the famous Nepali rock band Crossroads. He now works at ExtraHop as director of engineering. Lead singer Kurt Shubert, director of customer support at ExtraHop, also is in a Seattle band. [Read more...]

Online Betting Sites Are Gambling with Their IT - July 12, 2013

“Last year saw a dramatic spike in mobile betting, with traffic increasing by 174%,” says Owen Cole VP EMEA, ExtraHop. “This is great news for the online gambling sector, however when coupled with an average of four hours downtime this only spells disaster. Consumers are very fickle, if they can’t place a bet, they won’t wait for a site to come back online, they will simply move on to a competitor. Through operational intelligence IT managers can spot problems appearing in their networks and applications before they happen, not only allowing them to keep their systems running at all times, but also develop their services and ensure they reap the rewards from the UK’s passion for the odd flutter.” [Read more...]

Murphy USA Puts ExtraHop in Its Application Performance - June 20, 2013

Murphy USA jumped at the opportunity to use ExtraHop to determine real-time visibility into application performance at its convenience stores and gas stations. Specifically, Murphy USA wanted to ensure application performance for the more than 700 stores that share a single 10Mbps VSAT link. The retailer evaluated more than 25 vendors over three months, and chose the ExtraHop information technology (IT) intelligence platform based on its “noninvasive deployment, ease of use and superior analysis capabilities.” [Read more...]

The Mystery Of Application Performance Management In The Cloud - June 6, 2013

[By ExtraHop EMEA VP Owen Cole] In a recent survey of 140 IT managers and professionals conducted at IPEXPO 2012, it was highlighted that a large proportion of IT decision-makers understand the importance of visibility in the cloud, but when it comes to measuring application performance, they don’t know where to begin. In fact, 70% of cloud adopters don’t know how to measure application performance, despite 86% of respondents claiming that visibility in the cloud is very important. Measuring the performance of applications once in the cloud is the most important aspect of cloud adoption. [Read more...]

APM in the Data Center: Two Systems Management Analytics Use Cases - June 4, 2013

Critical to maintaining service-level agreements with customers was better performance and availability monitoring, Hluboky says. In the past, Practice Fusion was able to get a glimpse of what was happening across his infrastructure using device-specific tools but wanted more, and began looking at APM tools. Eventually, he settled on ExtraHop because, he explains, it is lightweight and “able to work as a passive network analyst that can monitor almost every aspect of operations.” According to Hluboky, deploying the ExtraHop system, which is appliance-based, was very straightforward. As a company handling medical data, a specific advantage of the ExtraHop system is that it does not store packets that might hold personal information. [Read more...]

ExtraHop’s Out-of-Band Monitoring Solution Is Pretty Cool, as You’ll Learn in This Video from Citrix Synergy 2013 - June 3, 2013

I stopped by ExtraHop at Citrix Synergy because I’d heard a lot about them, and while most monitoring solutions appear to be relatively similar (these were dubbed YAM for “Yet Another Monitor” years ago by Kevin Goodman), within about 30 seconds it seemed that ExtraHop’s solution was quite a bit different than most of the other solutions out there … What’s cool is that because they can see everything going on and mine so much information out of packets, they have lots of insight into database and file server information, files accessed, stored procedures, users, processes, and so on. With this information in hand, ExtraHop can watch for problems and automatically identify trends, bottlenecks, and issues without any threshold tweaking by an admin. Best of all, they do this without an agent! [Read more...]

The Organic Switch to Big Data for BI - May 22, 2013

That’s what I discovered attending Interop earlier this month. Talking to a variety of vendors, one particular theme started to emerge. Erik Giesa, SVP of Marketing at ExtraHop, and I were discussing a dual-step, organic process many companies seem to go through to reap benefits. While a tool like this helps monitor an organization’s own network, applications, and infrastructure, it’s the same element that provides insight: “It’s remarkable that despite all the monitoring tools out there, so many companies lack the right tools to make good decisions on capacity planning and root cause analysis. They’ll take a product like ours so they can get their own performance up — for instance a financial organisation that needs to know why speed on transactions is down. They get to that stable state and then they think, ‘What else can we do?’” [Read more...]

ExtraHop Real Time Operational Intelligence – InterOp 2013 Booth Crawl - May 13, 2013

ExtraHop allows you to see all traffic to and from a server to find problems and bottlenecks. It is so nuanced that it can display individual SQL queries sent to a database server. [Watch video...]

How to Overcome SharePoint Performance Headaches - April 3, 2013

Winebow, a Montvale, N.J. wine importer, started using ExtraHop Networks APM technology late last year. Daniel Basile, IT help desk manager at Winebow, say ExtraHop has helped the company uncover database issues impacting SharePoint. Winebow, at one point, was running SQL Server (for the SharePoint database), Microsoft Dynamics and a Symantec Enterprise Vault database on the same server. Winebow found that Symantec Enterprise Vault was generating error messages and decided to move the system off the server and onto another machine. Moving Symantec to its own SQL Server improved SharePoint performance. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Operational Intelligence Demo - March 27, 2013

ExtraHop Solutions Architect Eric Thomas demonstrates the automatic discovery and classification of all applications and devices communicating on the network. [Watch the video...]

The BYOD Dilemma - February 4, 2013

[By ExtraHop EMEA VP Owen Cole] Whilst there’s a misconception that productivity will instantly increase once workers are able to bring their own devices into the office, it is true that in workplaces where a BYOD culture doesn’t exist, there’s a demand for it. The challenge of having a multitude of devices is how best to monitor and manage them so that they don’t end up disrupting IT operations. In order to accommodate for new technologies coming into the workplace, organisations must adjust how they monitor these new devices on the network, rather than relying on the software already installed on the products, which is a method of monitoring made nearly untenable by BYOD. [Read more...]

The Mystery of Application Performance Management - January 15, 2013

[By ExtraHop EMEA VP Owen Cole] In today’s overcrowded technology space, it’s easy to see why IT managers struggle with clarity around cloud computing. With so many new devices and applications coming on to the network, the entire management of IT as a whole can become cloudy itself. What’s more important is that the IT department has full visibility of the whole network as well as all the applications running over the network. Currently, IT departments are primarily using traditional agent-based monitoring tools, which frankly, aren’t cutting it. Organizations are struggling to achieve visibility due to additional day-to-day pressures, the complexity around how to manage traditional tools, and the difficulty of adjusting to a rising number of applications and servers. [Read more...]

How to Build a Private Cloud: Advice from the Experts - January 7, 2013

The Practice Fusion IT team used the ExtraHop system to baseline several key performance indicators, including application response time, and then they spun up a parallel virtual infrastructure to compare performance. “We could prove that performance was the same or slightly better on the virtual infrastructure. Because the HP servers were reaching end-of-life, we would have spent up to $75,000 purchasing new hardware and revalidating the software for the new platform,” Hluboky said. With performance metrics in hand, Practice Fusion was able to avoid that expenditure, and they were able to prove to the rest of the organization that cloud-based performance would live up to their expectations. [Read more...]