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Big Data, Small Wire – March 30, 2015

Instead of collecting all the data in a single bucket before processing, an innovative solution is to examine the data while it is flowing from source to destination to gather insights while it is in transit along the network. This wire data technology stems from organizations trying to understand application performance by examining data as it flows between systems and users. [Read more...]

Bi-Directional Communication Affects ICD-10 Implementation – March 23, 2015

ExtraHop offers a new tool—the ICD-10 Audit Bundle—to further prepare providers for the final steps in the transition. “It’s not just a conversion, it’s also making sure that the same workflows that were in place prior to conversion will maintain and continue post-conversion. I think most people are ready to go and they need to prove it as well,” Giesa said. [Read more...]

ExtraHop EH9100 Accelerates Network Visibility to 40 Gbps – February 19, 2015

“Managing complex environments is super challenging, and there are more ways things can go wrong than your average IT person or vendor can possibly keep track of,” Matthews said. “I’ve been in war rooms where you have server, storage and network people, with multiple vendors, and everyone is trying to figure out where the fault lies.” From a CIO perspective, Matthews said he doesn’t really care where the fault lies. Rather, his concern is what’s wrong and how quickly the issue can be fixed. “What the EH9100 does, in real time, is it allows me to diagnose that kind of stuff, at scale,” Matthews said. [Read more...]

Channel Vet Iventosch Joins ExtraHop: ‘Like NetApp In Its Early Days’ – January 15, 2015

The fact that ExtraHop is still in its early days in terms of product and channels was a big draw for Iventosch, he said. “ExtraHop is like NetApp in its early days,” he said. “NetApp created a whole new market around the concept of network-attached storage. ExtraHop is creating the concept of IT operations analytics.” [Read more...]

Tech Moves: ExtraHop recruits F5 exec as CIO – December 19, 2014

John Matthews has been named ExtraHop’s Chief Information Officer. Matthews, who most recently served as the CIO of F5, will be charged with helping the Seattle-based real-time wire data analytics company scale up to meet demand, as well as serve as a strategic advisor to ExtraHop customers as they evolve their IT operations infrastructure. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Comes Home with Wired Analytics – October 10, 2014

According to Cole, ExtraHop have been growing well in the EMEA region. This growth has not just been in finance and healthcare but also marquee names such as Kuoni and Bet365 and smaller companies that rely on applications such as Trader Media. Growth in healthcare has been strong on both sides of the Atlantic; ExtraHop has had success both in the UK with Portsmouth Hospital and also in the US with the Seattle children’s hospital. [Read more...]

HL7 Analytics Lauded – October 8, 2014

“So now it gives me peace of mind: I can set the parameters on what good performance is,” says Wright. “ExtraHop does that for me. It sets my upper control limit, lower control limit and then the mean for this particular HL7 interface transaction, receiving and sending. Any time stuff starts to slow down, it sounds an alarm,” he adds. “Then I can go look at the interface and not have to wait for someone in the ED to call and say, ‘Hey, I registered so-and-so into Epic and it’s not flowing over into Cerner.’ Before ExtraHop, that’s kind of what we had to do.” [Read more...]

ExtraHop 4.0 Opens Up Wire Data Analytics to All IT Job Functions – October 3, 2014

Performance management vendor ExtraHop updated its platform to make it accessible to all parts of an IT organization. The company is also offering customers longer-term trending capabilities and more customization. ExtraHop’s platform collects and analyzes all data that crosses the wire, which means it has the potential to offer insight on any aspect of an IT organization’s operations. With its 4.0 release, the company has revamped its user interface to make it easier for new users to create customized views and reports tailored to the technology they are responsible for managing. [Read more...]

HL7 Data Repositories Bring Visibility to Big Data Analytics – September 18, 2014

What ExtraHop for Healthcare is going to do is essentially take a copy of that HL7 message and put it in an unstructured database to where I don’t have to build the data models myself, because HL7 is already like that. And so, theoretically, that will allow me to type in a patient’s name and a disease. And it’ll be just like a Bing or Google search in that every instance with those two pieces of information close to each other will come up, and then I’ll be able to mine that. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Connects IT Operations Analytics with Big Data – August 19, 2014

With ExtraHop’s big data connection, IT organizations have a variety of use cases open to them, said Jonah Kowall, research vice president at Gartner Inc., beginning with IT operations analytics. For instance, an IT organization could combine log data from all its servers, switches, routers and applications with wire data from ExtraHop and assemble a new reporting and analytics platform. “I can search across those data stores and do problem isolation and problem determination more effectively than having all these separate tools,” Kowall said. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Helps To Make Data Free – August 11, 2014

Open Data Stream allows ExtraHop customers to stream their data sets from ExtraHop directly into other analytics solutions. Until now Open Data Stream was integrated with Splunk and VMware Log Insight, today they’re announcing support for MongoDB and Elasticsearch. This is actually pretty interesting since it delivers the best of both worlds. Customers can leverage ExtraHop’s skills in delivering the most relevant and useful monitoring visualizations. But at the same time that can use that same data in ways that ExtraHop could have never thought of. It gives them the ability to deliver richer and deeper insights, but it also gives them more control over where data is stored and how it is queried and manipulated. It also opens up the possibility for organizations to use multiple monitoring solutions in parallel, simply because they can. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Announces Open Data Stream — Sets Its Data Free – August 11, 2014

These days, just about every management product you might buy comes with one or more databases. This makes it extremely difficult to engage in analysis and correlation across datastores, which is one of the main reasons why management of IT operations is such a headache. ExtraHop has taken a bold step toward getting this problem fixed. … With Open Data Stream, Extrahop may have kicked the rock off of the top of the mountain that causes the avalanche that disrupts and reorganizes the entire $20B IT operations market. [Read more...]

Toward a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ for IT Operations Analytics – August 5, 2014

Geisa’s ExtraHop sees wire data as the fourth leg of a stool that will support the overall IT operations analytics (ITOA) framework. As well as machine data, the elements include agent data, which is used to identify errors in software code, and synthetic data, which is generated by tests that IT teams regularly run to determine where there are weak spots in the network and where failure can occur. Will Cappelli, vice president of research for Gartner, believes ITOA platforms will increasingly be the center of gravity for the overall IT operations management architecture, becoming, “the next version of the monitoring manager, the single pane of glass, or organizing principle for IT operations management in general.” [Read more...]

ExtraHop Helps Network Team Break Down IT Silo Mentality – June 23, 2014

Other groups within Marsh’s organization are now fixing things without coming to the network team. For instance, Marsh started seeing an ActiveSync-related SMTP error in ExtraHop’s console. Before looking into it, he invited a couple of administrators to a local ExtraHop training session. About a week after the class, the SMTP errors disappeared. “I’m pretty sure that the Exchange admin who went to the class logged into ExtraHop and saw it and fixed it, which is awesome, because it required no intervention from me.” [Read more...]

Bentley University Overcomes ERP Problems with Network Appliance - June 9, 2014

Since that fall 2013 implementation, the ExtraHop functionality has been picked up for use by IT people managing Blackboard, email, and databases. “Equipped with ExtraHop, these constituencies know how well their applications are performing across all tiers and they can troubleshoot problems themselves without immediately blaming the network,” Marsh said. [Read more...]

CIO Turns to Data Analytics to Hunt Down VDI Ghost - May 29, 2014

“I do a lot of speaking on our virtual desktop story,” he says. “Every time I talk about it, I tell people that if you’re going to deploy virtual desktop, you’ve got to deploy it with ExtraHop or something like it, but I haven’t found anything else like it out there. It saves you the pain of these ghosts in the machine.” [Read more...]

ExtraHop Raises $41M Series C Round For Its Real-Time IT Analytics Service - May 29, 2014

This brings ExtraHop’s total funding to date to $61.6M – a princely sum but one that will come in handy if the company is to be successful creating a new category, as it aims to. Its term of IT Operations Analytics is actually a good descriptor for what is going on here. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Raises $41M Series C Round For Its Real-Time IT Analytics Service - May 29, 2014

Seattle-based ExtraHop, a service that offers real-time analytics based on analyzing data right off the wire instead of using software that runs on the server, today announced that it has raised a $41 million Series C round led by Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV). While TCV may not be a household name, the company has previously invested in the likes of Zillow, Expedia, Splunk, and Spotify. TCV’s Tod Coons will join the company’s board of directors. [Read more...]

ExtraHop Raises $41 Million, Doubling Team - May 29, 2014

Asked where ExtraHop will be in five years, Rothstein said it “can be one of the next great systems companies — not just in Seattle but in the world. We certainly believe that the market opportunity is large enough that ExtraHop has the potential of being a large independent company,” he said. [Read more...]

Monitoring, Workflow Apps Crucial To Healthcare IT - May 9, 2014

Wright estimates ExtraHop saved Seattle Children’s about $336,000—or $28,000 per month—in its first year. More importantly, he now feels secure enough about the VDI’s performance that he can consider moving it into the ICUs and other sensitive areas of the hospital. “We knew if a VDI deployment was going to be successful, it had to be stable. We knew the success of the further deployment of VDI was going to be limited by our stability.” [Read more...]

Heartbleed Security Bug: What Should Enterprises Do Now? - April 30, 2014

Hackers can exploit the Heartbleed vulnerability by sending malformed heartbeat requests to servers to trick them into revealing data from previous transactions. ExtraHop’s new Heartbleed security bundle highlights the volume of these heartbeats, which servers are targeted, and which parties are sourcing the attacks on a geomap. “We can tell customers who have us deployed whether or not the [Heartbleed] vulnerability was being, or had even been, targeted and exploited,” Bragin said. [Read more...]

Healthcare IT Pros Laud Security, Privacy Tools - April 28, 2014

Troubleshooting is 90% faster now that McKesson is using ExtraHop, and the system has made the company far less reliant on specialist skills, Checkoway and McMartin say. “We estimate that we’ve saved about $400,000 annually in terms of time spent troubleshooting, and an additional $260,000 in headcount avoidance because we are able to support our growing business by hiring less engineers than under our previous model.” [Read more...]

Wire Data Analysis Proves a Sure Thing for bet365 - April 1, 2014

By analyzing wire data, ExtraHop provides the IT team with actionable insights into performance, availability, and security of the IT estate. Starting with performance optimization, bet365 wanted to quantify improvements or degradations in application performance attributable to patches, upgrades, and deployment changes. Using ExtraHop they could evaluate the impact of changes across multiple parts of the application delivery chain, through linked applications, infrastructure elements, and even sites. [Read more...]

Complex Apps Need Network-Based Application Performance Management Tools - April 1, 2014

T2 Systems Inc.—an Indianapolis-based software company whose products help public and private organizations manage their parking lots, meters, permit programs and other related operations—uses ExtraHop’s network-based APM tools to monitor and deliver its applications as Software as a Service to customers. … “We had one of our IT pros that comes from a developer background scratching his head, saying what the customer was experiencing was impossible,” Hutchins says. “One of our IT guys, who typically would have had no visibility into this, basically debugged what was happening with the application using the APM tool.” [Read more...]

Next-Gen APM Tools: Getting the Whole IT Team Involved with APM - February 5, 2014

“The idea of needing one person to work APM was daunting for us,” Hutchins said. “All of my IT analysts and administrators are able to play within the ExtraHop tool and see what is happening in real-time—like seeing how long it’s taking us to respond to customers—or even test the performance of new code before it goes into production.” [Read more...]

Top Tools for Solving App Performance Woes - February 3, 2014

While all the tools exhibited a range of APM strengths and abilities, we found that ExtraHop’s appliance did the best job of keeping our users’ performance complaints to a minimum. It was quickest to identify performance problems, its display of application activity was easiest to use and it had the best virtual machine support. [Read more...]