IT complexity is spiraling out of control, leaving IT organizations without the visibility they need for agile and proactive operations. What happens when you gather some of the brightest minds in the industry to provide this visibility? ExtraHop.

We understand IT Operations.

Production operations are where all IT roads meet. You can count on our industry experience to help you navigate the most challenging real-world environments.

We start with the impossible.

Some of our most game-changing ideas have begun with the late-night thought, You know what would be cool?

We like to make things go fast.

Our platform and analysis modules keep up with the speeds of modern networks.

We are never satisfied.

Take a look at our products and you will discover our passion for solving the hardest problems with the most elegant solutions.

We focus on customer success.

When our customers win, we celebrate. Our case studies tell the story.

ExtraHop’s worldwide headquarters is located in downtown Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 2007 by engineering veterans from F5 Networks and architects of BIG-IP v9 product and TMOS platform.

If you share our values and are passionate about building the next foundational enterprise company, we’re hiring.